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Selecting the Perfect Homesite

Recently purchased lot of future homesite

Building a new home is an exhilarating experience. You can choose your preferred style for the future homesite along with the right number of bed and bathrooms to fit your lifestyle. Neal Signature Homes’ “On Your Lot” program creates a perfectly tailored experience for future homeowners in Sarasota and Manatee counties, culminating in the creation of a luxury home you can smile at every time you pull up to the driveway.

However, the style of your home is not the only thing you need to consider. The placement of your home is just as important. You will want to build your future home on land suitable to your needs and desires, something that can be quite overwhelming for homeowners.

If you are wondering how to find your dream site in Southwest Florida, here are several tips to narrow your search.

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything when choosing your homesite, especially for a custom luxury home. You will obviously want to live close to important things like your job, family and leisurely activities. However, you need to consider other questions: How much do entertainment and the beach matter? Do you need easy access to doctors and hospitals? Do you want to be near family?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself, but they create a snapshot of your dream location. You should also consider a homesite’s proximity to basic necessities like grocery stores, restaurants, schools and anything you tend to frequent. Ensure you get exactly what you want from the environment.

Your Neighborhood and You

If you are buying a homesite and torn between several offering what you want, we suggest researching the neighborhoods they inhabit. This will help you decide on a community you feel comfortable with and ensure your site is in an ideal area.

Sarasota offers numerous neighborhoods adhering to a diverse pool of lifestyles. Each leverages its own style of Florida living and other key factors such as being close to the water or staying close to the downtown area. Where you decide to build your future boils down to your own preferences.

You also need to factor in how certain neighborhoods’ amenities and offerings adhere to your idea of the Florida lifestyle. Some neighborhoods offer a plethora of chic restaurants, others are more activity-based and some are closer to nature. Find the neighborhood that fits your interests and the life you want to live.

If you are uncertain about neighborhoods to look at, we can help. Neal Signature Homes has limited pre-purchased homesites in some of Sarasota and Manatee Counties’ premier neighborhoods. You can fill out our contact form and be informed of our availability.

Planning Your Vision

While budget is one factor for choosing a homesite, another should be the size of your custom home. Think about the estimated square footage of this future dream home and any features you will want to include. You don’t need to have all the answers right away, but this basic framework can help you decide if a homesite is meant for you. There are several factors to consider:

  1. Is the land buildable? – When it comes to building a luxury home, not every homesite is equal. When researching a potential lot, look into zoning and deed requirements, as well as any factors that might impede the building process. You will want to ensure your site does not create a hindrance for your home.
  2. The shape – It is always beneficial to have some idea of what your home will look like. Select a homesite that accommodates your vision.
  3. Room for everything – The home site should be large enough to accommodate the elements you want to see in your home.
  4. Landscaping – If you want to leverage the environment, be mindful of any natural formations that might add more visual appeal. Landscaping can be done with construction, but the natural area can cut costs without needing to develop an overwhelming aesthetic.

In consultation with you, Neal Signature Homes offers many award-winning floor plans featuring modern, luxurious designs and spacious layouts. We offer many selections to choose from and once you find a design able to realize your vision, you can look at the various ways to personalize the home. This provides the opportunity to really visualize your future home and let your creativity soar.

Home With a View

While it may seem like a trivial detail at the time, the view from your future homesite can have a significant impact on your life. Imagine waking up to the scenic view of a lake or owning a piece of property featuring gorgeous sunsets. When reviewing potential homesites, walk around the land to get an idea of potential views from every angle. Such a simple detail can make a world of difference when making such a momentous decision.

Once you select your ideal property, let Neal Signature Homes actualize the luxury home you’ve always dreamed of. With the skills of Southwest Florida’s most trusted private homebuilder, you can rest easy knowing your home will be built to the highest standards in quality and exemplify The Luxury of Living Well.