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Planning Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen

For the ultimate in luxury, many homeowners are opting for a home with two kitchens: indoor and outdoor. Indoor kitchens are known as a place to bring people together, and an outdoor kitchen can be just as inviting and beautifully accommodating. With a beautiful new Neal Signature home, you can create a rich, relaxed, outdoor setting for inspired entertaining and special moments with family.

Neal Signature Outdoor Kitchen Offer: April 1 – 30, 2018

To help our homeowners bring their vision of the perfect outdoor kitchen to life, Neal Signature Homes is providing up to $18,000 towards an outdoor kitchen with the purchase of a new home. See here for the details, or ask your Sales Associate.

The Basics

Here are some ideas to get you started. Your outdoor kitchen can be basic or extravagant, depending on your needs and how much you want to put into your budget. Here are some basic components to consider:

  • A location – A covered lanai is ideal for an outdoor living area.
  • Grill – Where you will create your favorite outdoor dishes.
  • Counter space – You will need a prep area.
  • Cabinets – You may want to store dishes and cooking utensils.
  • Sink – An outdoor sink is handy for rinsing or washing.
  • Refrigerator – Go all out for the ultimate convenience.
  • Dining area – What’s an outdoor living area without a place to eat?

Lanai & Patio

All of our Neal Signature floor plans include a covered lanai, that provides a perfect location for an outdoor kitchen. You can also choose to add in an open patio along with the lanai. Depending on the home design you’re building, an extended lanai may be a good option to include. You can also pre-plumb and pre-wire the area for the build-out of your outdoor kitchen.


Your outdoor kitchen grill can come in a variety of styles with an array of accessories. Built-in grills can be gas, charcoal or pellet. Choose a large grill or small, basic or deluxe. Add a double or single side burner and a vent hood if you like. Include warming drawers if you cook and dine al fresco often.


Countertops for outdoor kitchens are typically 30 inches deep, where indoor ones are 24 inches deep. The larger thickness works well with built-in grills. Some counters are designed to accommodate a dining area. You’ll want a surface that is easy to clean. Materials that are good for work and dining off of include stone tile, glazed ceramic tile, granite, stone or even concrete.


Outdoor kitchen cabinets can be stylish as well as functional. They should be durable and able to stand up to the elements. Stainless steel, teak and marine-grade polymer are good choices. Add a convenient pull out cutting board. For storage, you can include drawers and enclosed or open cabinets. There are also plenty of extras to choose from including enclosed trash bins, paper towel bins and spice racks.

Sink & Faucet

A sink and faucet aren’t absolutely necessary but are luxuriously convenient. Whether you go with a single or double sink, the sink you choose needs to be to non-corrosive, like stainless steel. Faucets should be sturdy, as well.


Your outdoor refrigerator will likely be compact, made with stainless steel and designed to fit under a counter or be freestanding. These fridges come forced air or cold plate cooling. To keep children safe, consider a locking outdoor refrigerator.

Dining Area

Create a dining space that is comfortable to hang out in. You can opt for a counter that includes an area for sitting and eating, much a like a kitchen island. Again, choose durable materials. Choosing your dining furniture will be influenced by finding something that fits your tastes, looks good in your particular outdoor kitchen and, of course, is comfortable.

Having a space for outdoor living is a must for the Florida lifestyle. Make yours a relaxing retreat, entertainment hub or family dining alternative with a beautiful outdoor kitchen. Neal Signature Homes can help you fulfill that dream.