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Adore Your Pet? Share the Love!

We can’t seem to help ourselves: we love our pets! Whether your pet’s a Fido pooch, or a Mittens kitty (or you have both) if they’re the center of your universe, you’re not alone! With pets in roughly 142 million U.S. households (American Pet Products Association) that’s a lot of love.

In honor of all furry friends everywhere, Neal Communities is challenging our homeowners to a fun little competition. Enter one or all three if you have a pet menagerie!

April 1 – 30: I Love My Dog
May 1 – 31: I Love My Cat
June 1 – 30: We Love Our Family Pet

To enter Neal’s I Love My Pet contests, just take a photo of your pet out and about in your Neal neighborhood and post it on your Facebook page sometime during the particular month: For your dog in April, for your cat in May and for your family pet in June. Tell us what makes your pet so special. Each month, the photo entry that gets the most “Likes” and “Shares” wins a $500 gift card from Neal Communities. You can enter all three segments if you want. There will be one $500 gift card awarded each of the three months.

I Love My Pet Particulars

  • Take a photo of your pet out and about in your Neal neighborhood.
  • Post it to your Facebook during the corresponding month with a brief statement about why you love your pet.
  • Make your post visible to the public.
  • Be sure to include #MyNealNeighborhood and @NealCommunities with your entry.
  • Use the location feature to identify the name of the Neal neighborhood you and your pet reside in.
  • The photo entry with the most “likes” and “shares” for the month is the winner!
  • Winners receive a $500 gift card from Neal Communities!

Here are some suggestions for your entry:
Showcase your pet strolling the neighborhood, having fun in a paw park or standing in front of your Neal home, for example. You can go for silly or sweet, it’s up to you!
Post it on your Facebook page and don’t forget to include #MyNealNeighborhood and @NealCommunities.
Re-share with all your friends so you can drum up lots of votes!