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    Blog - March 6, 2023

    A Guide to Home Pricing

    There is no feeling quite like the excitement of purchasing and creating a luxurious new construction home in a neighborhood you love. From the day you make the purchase to your move-in day, the excitement builds as you see your vision come to life. As one of Southwest Florida’s premier luxury homebuilders, Neal Signature Homes is dedicated to matching you to a home that allows you to experience The Luxury of Living Well.

    While a luxury home is always worth the wait, deciding what your personal budget should be is crucial. New construction allows you to tailor a floorplan to your tastes, but this comes with additional costs, creating the total sales price of the home. Before you buy, you need to ensure that your personal budget closely reflects the complete cost of the home and your chosen selections.

    The total sales price consists of five items:

    1. The Base Price – The starting point for your homebuying decision, the base price is the general cost, factoring in the labor and materials required to create the home. This also includes the standard features offered such as the bedrooms, bathrooms, generous island and lanai.

    2. Homesite Premiums – When it comes to building your new home, homesite location can be everything. Some offer gorgeous water views while others provide additional privacy. This is where a premium plays into a home’s final price. A premium is the additional cost for the homesite based on its unique advantages and desirability within the community. If you are looking for a homesite with a specific feature, make sure this is factored into your budget.

    3. Structural Options – One major advantage that new construction homes possess is how they can be customized to your liking. Some may opt to extend their lanai and others may want to convert a secondary bedroom into a guest suite if family members come for extended stays. While this decision-making process is exciting, these options also come with additional costs, adding to the final selling price. When looking through homes, take note of the customizations offered and carefully plan for this part of the final price. If you’re having a hard time deciding what options may work best for your luxury home, we offer interactive floor plans for each home design, so you can have an immediate idea of how a customization impacts the layout. If you have questions regarding other customizations not seen in the plan, our design consultants are more than happy to assist with this.

    4. Design Finishes – Another important piece of the final selling price is the design finishes. This element reflects your own personal tastes and differentiates your home from others, so you will want to consider what you would like to see. This customization is especially apparent in bathrooms and kitchens, where you can make selections for your island, colors, countertops and light fixtures. Carefully consider these options as you decide what finishing touches make your home stand out.

    Before meeting your design consultant, we provide future homeowners with access to a wish list to fill out beforehand. As you browse the options, you will be able to see their associated price levels. This can help you better understand the additional costs of your home and be a guiding hand for your personal budget.

    5. Pool – A lanai is the perfect location for relaxation, but you can elevate this to the highest level with a pool. These private paradises offer plenty of visual appeal and chances for outdoor entertainment, turning your home into a true luxury. Thanks to our premier pool builder, Waterscapes Pools & Spas, you can create a pool and an outdoor kitchen tailored to your own personal tastes. While purely optional, pools can bring a home together beautifully. If you enjoy refreshing dips in those blue waters, make sure the costs of a pool are considered for your final selling price.

    It’s always important to consider what impacts the final investment in a new home. Our team members’ dedication to quality and expertise in creating breathtaking homes will ensure you are putting your trust in a company that cares about the homes being built. If you are ready to create your first semi-custom luxury home, contact us online today.