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Tips for Having a Successful Design Studio Session

Your dream home is a significant but exciting investment. By nature, the design process requires an abundance of decisions which can cause stress about how the final product will look. That’s why your Design Studio session at Neal Signature Homes is the key to minimizing any uncertainty with assistance from our seasoned design experts. Our team members help navigate your future luxury home’s design options to understand your vision and then bring it to life.

These appointments should be an enjoyable experience, but it requires making choices that capture the idea of home for you. By doing some pre-appointment preparation, you can walk into these sessions feeling ready to create with our team and fully enjoy this step in the home ownership journey.

To prepare for a successful Design Studio appointment, keep these tips in mind:

1. Set a budget

Before making any selections, think about how much you want to spend on customizations for your floor plan. The addition of certain features or materials have added costs, so you should create a general budget outline before your appointment. Carefully think through what you want for your luxury home, determine how you want to make use of the space and factor these into your financial plan. Refine your budget further by creating a list of preferred features and order them by importance. What items are the must-haves? Doing this can show you what matters most while staying within a set amount.

“A design session should be a fun event, but many people are really stressed out about how to spend their budget and that it can’t withstand what they really want,” says Cindy Sherman, one of Neal Signature Homes’ design consultants. “I usually have a discussion about how they will be using the space to help customers understand what they really want for their dream home.”

To prepare our team for an appointment, future homeowners are given access to a wish list to fill out beforehand.  You will be able to point out certain features you would like to see and their associated price levels. To help better understand your budget, a wish list can be a guiding hand.

2. View the Model Homes

Budgeting is important, but it can also make homeowners feel torn on what they want to see in their dream home. To alleviate the stress of those decisions, touring model homes matching your floor plan is highly suggested. It can be beneficial to see a model’s finishes in person, allowing you to visualize your luxury home on a larger scale.

Another benefit of model homes is they often include most, if not all of the customizations a floor plan offers. If you are deciding on certain features, walk through the model home and take note of how a certain customization fits into your intended lifestyle. You can then visualize which features make your daily life easier and be more decisive on what works for your luxury home.

If you want to get a snapshot of how certain features fit into a home before going to a model, we offer interactive floor plans for each home on our site. This can give you an immediate idea of the home’s layout and show how a customization will impact a certain space.

3. Bring Pictures to Your Appointment

Kitchens and bathrooms are often the most popular spots for customizations, but owners might feel overwhelmed on deciding how to personalize these areas. We recommend bringing images of these rooms highlighting what you want. Pictures can be a great starting point for a discussion with your consultant, allowing them to guide you on how to make these rooms feel truly unique to you.

4. Research Appliances for the Kitchen and Laundry Rooms

When designing your kitchen and laundry rooms, you will create spaces that will be stylish and highly functional. To get the most out of them, spend time doing your own research for appliances. Appliances can also match the style of your luxury home while maintaining their functionality. There are a host of stores that offer these items, so think carefully about these room setups and what items take priority.

5. Be Happy with Your Final Decisions

Your family and friends can be invaluable resources in making your home design choices, so make sure you get their input before your session. This can help you decide on what will look best for your home. However, once you finish your appointment, don’t obsess over the final choices you made. Our design team is here to help you create a setting that will bring tremendous joy from the moment you move in. You should also feel very accomplished, knowing you created a design that matters to you!

“At the end of our two days, they [the future homeowners] always like to stand back and admire what they’ve pulled together,” Sherman says. “It’s both a sense of accomplishment and relief they helped plan their home!”

Create and Experience the Neal Difference

If you are ready to create your first semi-custom luxury home, let Neal Signature Homes provide you with an unforgettable experience. From choosing one of our award-winning floor plans to designing your personal paradise, our team members’ dedication to quality and expertise in creating breathtaking homes will ensure you are putting your trust in a company that cares about the homes being built and the people who live in them.

“The team at Neal Signature cares about each facet of the process and beyond. In Design, our team has fun taking their vision and building it into reality!”

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