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Dynamic Duo Sets Blistering Summer Sales Mark for Neal Signature Homes in Country Club East

Dawn Merrill and Billy Oliveri are the “Dyanmic Duo” of Country Club East in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

Billy Olivieri is the Superman to Dawn Merrill’s Wonder Woman.

As new home sales associates for Neal Signature Homes, a Lakewood Ranch-based luxury homebuilder, Billy and Dawn each bring their own unique skills and talents to the selling table. The more outspoken of the two, Billy isn’t afraid to have a little fun with his clients.

He keeps people excited and motivated, which in turn keeps buyers engaged and eager to learn more about the different home sites and floor plans available throughout Country Club East.

Although Billy admits there are times when he has been known to get a little too excited. That’s where Dawn steps in. The calmer and more detail oriented of the two, Dawn is the perfect counterpart to Billy’s high-energy demeanor.

“She compliments everything,” says Billy of Dawn. “She’s calm. We both know when it’s time to allow the other person to take over. We both know our parts.”

Dawn agrees.

“We just somehow know when to jump in,” she says. “Billy gets them all excited and pumped up, and I’m the calm one that explains more. We’re opposites, but we blend well together.”

Together, Billy and Dawn have formed a dynamic partnership.

Listening to Billy and Dawn talk and joke around with one another, you would think the two have been working together for years. In reality, the two only joined forces four months ago.

It didn’t take long for the two to find their niche. Within a month, Billy and Dawn knew their specific roles when it comes to helping each other sell homes throughout Country Club East.

Between the last week of May and the first week of July, Billy and Dawn sold 12 homes in Country Club East. Located within the richly wooded landscape of Lakewood Ranch, Country Club East offers the perfect combination of private resort-style living and access to amenities.

It isn’t always so easy. Some days, only a few people walk-in the door. That’s when these two dig deep – they are personally very proud of what they sell — luxurious custom homes in an exclusive gated resort-style community — and it’s this pride that makes their job easier during challenging times.

“I really love being in Country Club East,” says Dawn, “for buyers that want the best in country club living, this is where you want to be,” says Dawn. “There are so many amenities, it’s new and fresh. The Lakewood Ranch Country Club is a private club, so it’s not mandatory that you join.”

Neal Signature Homes also allows buyers to fully customize their new homes, which typically range from $550,000 to $850,000.

“I think that’s why have so many happy customers,” says Dawn. “At this price point, you deserve to have lots of design options, and you should have the home you want. We’re very unique to be at this price point with the ability to customize your home.”

Unlike other sales based colleagues, Billy and Dawn don’t find themselves in competition with one another. Rather, the two are focused on working together and doing whatever it takes to make their clients happy and sell homes.

It’s not uncommon for Billy to spend two or three hours working with a potential buyer before letting Dawn take over to finish the sale and vice versa.

“We appreciate each other’s strengths, and it doesn’t intimidate us,” says Dawn. “You always know the other person has your back.”

Some customers need more attention than others. When you’re customizing your own home, you have more needs and ultimately want more attention. Billy and Dawn recognize that.

At the end of the day, it’s their ability to spend time talking to the people that walk through their doors and helping them figure out what they want in terms of design features and amenities, even if that means spending hours working hand-in-hand with one customer, that separates Billy and Dawn from other new home sales associates.

So how do Billy and Dawn plan to top this summer’s success?

“Our goal is to set a new record each month and to help our clients settle into the perfect home,” says Billy.