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Luxury Homes On Your Lot

For homebuyers, finding a luxury dream home can be an exciting and sometimes, overwhelming process. You have an idea of what you want, but can’t find the right location. Or, you have the location, you just need the right builder.  This option requires land already owned, surveyed and entitled. Luckily, Neal Signature Homes has a service that fits this option.

Dedicated to bringing a customer’s vision of home to life, Neal Signature Homes is thrilled to offer the “On Your Lot” program in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Now, you can build a luxury home built to your tastes, backed by the skills and craftsmanship of Southwest Florida’s most trusted private homebuilder.

What “On Your Lot” Means

This program allows you to have a customized homebuilding experience with a luxury home on your own homesite. To start, our knowledgeable experts survey the property to understand the landscape. Neal Signature Homes looks at the nature of the land, quality of earth and the surrounding environment to get a proper idea of how to bring your dream to life.

Selecting The Right Design

In consultation with you, and after thorough inspection of your property, Neal Signature Homes will present multiple home designs. These award-winning floor plans offer luxurious, modern designs and spacious layouts. We offer many selections to choose from and once picking a plan, you can look at the various ways to personalize and add your own signature style to the home. This allows the home builders that build on your land to have a plan suited to your lifestyle.

Each of our floor plans has a starting price and future homeowners will receive a quote after adding in their personal options.

The Signature Design Process

Next, our teams of experts will get to work on making your dream into a reality. During this exciting time, homeowners might be eager to see the progress made on their home while it is being built. By working with your construction manager, you can be regularly updated on building progress for the home and ask any questions when they arise.

Upon completion, you will meet with the construction manager and complete an entire tour of the home. Our managers will familiarize you with the equipment and systems they installed. If any questions or concerns pop up during a walkthrough, we will work with you to make sure you are satisfied and excited to enjoy your new home.

Thanks to the “On Your Lot” program, Neal Signature Homes helps future homeowners build in their ideal location and create a luxury home of their own imaginative design. The offered floor plans and personalized options provide an unparalleled customization experience, allowing you to flex your creative muscles and ensure you enjoy The Luxury of Living Well.

Learn more about the exhilarating experience provided by our “On Your Lot” program here.